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What is Slow Fashion?

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What does Slow Fashion mean? “Slow Fashion” is a term that was coined by Kate Fletcher in her book The Ecologist, where she defined it as – “Slow fashion is about designing, producing, consuming and living better. It is not time-based but quality-based (which has some time components). Slow is not the opposite of fast […]

10 Bollywood Actresses in Kurti

Digging for trendy kurti styles? Don’t worry, we have got it all together in the bollywood style. The list of 10 Bollywood actresses in kurti is here. Kurti or Kurta, is a famous attire among all the generations now. Kurti is a loose collarless shirt and gives immense comfort. Usually it is worn on festive […]

15 Types Of Latest Kurti Designs and Styling Tips

Everyone has their own style statement. “Kurtis”, in the long run, have helped all the ladies to discover themselves as the modern era women. Above all, there are various latest kurti designs available nowadays. Kurti is considered as one of the most comfortable garments ever invented and therefore, has become the go-to option for most […]

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