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Dabu Printing

dabu print

Introduction and origin

Dusky hearty tones in a mixture of amazing prints – Daboo or Dabu Printing (Mud Resist Printing), as it is more generally known, is an antiquated Rajasthani printing strategy that includes scrupulous attention to detail across the numerous stages of making it.

Dabu, got from the word ‘Dabaana’ which means press, is a method of utilizing mud as an oppose, to make designs on indigo coloured texture. With its principal communities in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, this speciality prospers in territories that normally have clingy dirt like soil, effectively accessible in close by regions. Customarily these prints enhanced the lehengas and odhni’s of the ladies around there. The procedure is accepted to have gone back to the eighth century AD, in light of the most established known Dabu material, found in Central Asia.

This style of printing is regularly gathered with other customary Rajasthani Handicrafts like Sanganeri and Bagru. It is likewise supposed to be fundamentally the same as Batik print, however yet the procedure included is altogether different.

How is Dabu Printing done?

Dabu printing
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The word Dabu means ‘Dabanna’ which means press. Firstly, the craftsman washes the fabric, liberates it from the starch and residue. This process of Dabu printing includes the fabric absorbing water for a day and an additional two days in a blend of castor oil and water. It is packed. Absorbing continues for an additional 24 hours.

Then he washes the fabric in clean water for two ceaseless days to evacuate all hints of the castor oil. Then he prepares the fabric for dying and printing to begin.

Following stage includes the procedure of mud opposing, which makes this print one of a kind and delightful. The mud is produced using fixings like mud, gum, lime and waste wheat refuse are joined. From that point onward, we sprinkled sawdust to dry the glue. This covering dust shields these pieces of the textures from dying, later on, making a one of a kind and brilliant effect.

saw dust
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Craftsman lay the fabric in the sun. Later, the craftsman plunges it into a tank of dye. and afterwards, he leaves it again for drying. Now, they wash it exhaustively to evacuate the glue and any abundance of colour.

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Finally, our lovely handcrafted product is ready.

Types of motifs in Dabu Printing

The motifs include the nature inspired themes. Some generally famous themes are- sunflowers, creatures, peacock, leaves, etc. Prints also include some geometric patterns such as vertical and flat lines, dotted lines and numerous other shapes.

Dabu print motifs

Present Day scenario

Just like the Bagru print and Sanganer print are popular in the nations, Dabu print has picked up fame for vivacious and uncommon plans. Craftsmen are solely utilizing this compelling artwork for all sort of textures that hold an improving drawing with various shading conceals. Especially for the cotton and silk material, craftsmen are utilizing this print to leave an exquisite effect.

Where can you buy Dabu Printed Sarees?

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Like the embodiment of earth, Dabu printing remains the primitive printing strategy. The art of Dabu print is still a prominent craft for the craftsmen living in the town of Akola. In primitive India, the act of this craftsmanship was difficult and difficult to endure more. But today a wide assortment of articles of clothing, and home material are accessible in this procedure.

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Written by – Ankita Waykar

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