That’s Indian was born to design clothing for women who felt proud in wearing contemporary #MadeinIndia clothes. The main ideology is to make the designs chic, elegant and comfortable. Our collections are usually inspired by the fundamental goal of “choosing” to be happy everyday. We believe a good clothing is an unmatched mood uplifter. The inspiration behind every new design is to make women feel confident, empowered and joyful. 
All our designs are made with due diligence to provide women with the modern yet classic silhouettes. Since our founder has a knack for details, she makes sure each of her designs has a beautiful detail on it. We believe in creating timeless beauties, our designs can be worn for years and will always uphold the essence of grace and charm. 


All our designs are made to be worn for years. Right from the fabric procurement to the final construction of the garment, we make sure we never compromise on quality.  All our designs are impeccably tailored and finished. Each of our design goes through a rigorous quality check procedure before it reaches you. We believe in quality over quantity, always. 


At That’s Indian while staying true to our design aesthetics, we also give due attention to how we can contribute positively towards environment. We work with and use only high quality natural fabrics in all our garments. 100% garments made under our brand are made with natural fabrics. We do not use synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, acrylic etc that don’t decompose and leave everlasting impact on the environment. Unlike fast fashion, we work on made to order model and produce in limited quantities to avoid wastage and excess production. We make sure sufficient economy for our makers to ensure fair and ethical trade. We are conscious of our choices when it comes to fabrics, trims & packaging. 


We believe fashion is for everyone irrespective of their body type, size, or colour. We design clothing to make every woman look gorgeous and her best. Our size chart’s range caters a woman who is petite to a woman who is bigger. The size chart ranges from XXS to 4XL. We know human bodies are different for every person, no two bodies are same. Therefore, we also do customised sizes and lengths for our customers. A styling session is also provided to our customers to help them in selecting the right size and helping them with their queries. 


That’s Indian (That is Indian) – We believe indian fashion is not restricted. Therefore, we believe in transcending the boundaries and making it modern yet true to the roots. Using different crafts in our designs, we combine traditional silhouettes with a modern outlook. We want our each and every customer to feel confident and proud that she’s wearing a made in India clothing i.e exquisite and made with love, ethically and consciously.


That’s Indian was founded by Sonia Jaiswal. She grew up in New Delhi. She had strong inclination towards fashion and designing since her childhood and loved creating different clothing. She studied at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT, Delhi). Her passion for creating distinct yet classic designs made her have a brand of her own. She believes clothing is a way to express who you are and believes in conscious designing and makes sure her work reflects that. Her designs are all about making women look beautiful, smart and confident. Being a comfort lover, she wants all the wearers to feel comfortable and look chic at the same time.
That’s Indian is an inclusive brand, and our founder makes sure that her designs are available for every woman irrespective of her size or body type as every woman is beautiful in her own way.