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18 Types of Sarees from different states of India


Every single Indian outfit is incredible, but nothing truly matches the elegance of six to nine yards of bliss embraced by every woman in India, a saree. It is an epitome of elegance and grace for Indian women and looks beautiful on every occasion. This beautiful outfit in India doesn’t originate from one state alone; however, different states produce a different type. Every state has its own traditional forte in cotton or silk, or even both and every saree is the outcome of fine craftsmanship, diverse texture, examples and procedures.
Following are the types of Sarees from different states of India:

1. Benarsi Silk Saree from Varanasi

Types of Sarees benarsi
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A Benarasi silk saree is the finest handwoven saree. They are famous for their gold and silver zari motifs. Their sheen and texture make them overwhelming and they are simply pieces of art. Earlier Banarasi sarees were made using real gold and silver threads for royals. Nowadays, there’s a huge variety to choose from.

2. Bandhani saree from Gujarat

Types of Sarees - bandhej
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The Bandhini sarees of Gujarat are high on shading. It is made utilizing the tie-color technique with an extraordinary procedure of tying hitches that shields the shading from spreading. They are commonly made in Chiffon, crepe, cotton, silk, and georgette fabrics. Since the saree is light weight, it is ideal for wearing throughout the late spring season.

3. Kasavu Saree from Kerala 

Types of Sarees kasavu
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Kasavu sarees are handwoven in god’s own nation; Kerala. These sarees look exceptionally elegant as they have a white surface with a brilliant golden outskirt. It was originally known as ‘Mundum Nereyatham’ and is a mark of elegance, simplicity, and tradition.

4. Muga Silk Saree from Assam 

Types of Sarees muga
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Muga silk sarees are produced in the territory of Assam, known for its sturdiness and regular yellowish-golden tint. The sarees made of this silk has a sheen. The enthralling procedure of sourcing the silk and weaving the saree makes the Muga Silk saree an uncommon bit of craftsmanship.

5. Paithani saree from Maharashtra 

paithani Types of Sarees
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Paithani saree is a standout among other handwoven silk sarees in India, it is named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. It has a light (dhoop-chaav) effect which is achieved by knitting two different-coloured silk together. This exquisite Paithani saree is well known for it’s inclining square outskirt structure and a pallu enlivened by nature, like trees, parrots and peacock.

6. Kanjeevaram Saree from Tamil Nadu

kanjeevaram Types of Sarees
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Kanjeevaram sarees are made with utmost consideration by the skilled artisans from Tamil Nadu. The saree is famous for its vibrant colour and temple-patterned borders and popular as bridal saree in South India.

7. Chanderi Saree from Madhya Pradesh

Types of Sarees chanderi
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A customary saree from Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. It is delivered utilizing pure silk, cotton and zari with a blend of effortlessness and style with its lightweight texture and pretty outskirts. Customary coins, Flora, Peacocks and geometrics are woven into various chanderi designs, it’s an excellent craftsmanship in itself.

8. Leheriya saree from Rajasthan 

Types of Sarees leheriya
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The Leheriya saree from the territory of Rajasthan is a burst of colour with a distinctive pattern. It is characterised by its waves and stripes. It is created using the tie-dye technique. It is light weight and looks beautiful.

9. Jamdani saree from Bengal 

jamdani Types of Sarees
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Initially from Dhaka, the Dhakai Jamdani saree is viewed as a significant piece of the Bengali Bride’s Wedding trousseau.The traditional Jamdani sarees have themes of blossoms and are made of light cotton. They are distinct and beautiful.

10. Tant Saree from West Bengal 

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Tant saree is a traditional Bengali saree adored by almost all Indian women. These sarees are slightly stiff than other sarees and are exceptionally lightweight and can be easily worn in summers. It is handwoven and the motifs are mostly geometrical.

11. Bomkai saree from Odisha 

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Bomkai saree also known as Sonepuri saree is made by Bhulia, the tribal community of Odisha. Therefore, the saree has a medieval vibe to it and available in silk and cotton. It is cherished all over India because of its distinct beauty.

12. Kalamkari saree from Andhra Pradesh

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Kalamkari saree is a mainstream customary saree known for its fine art, displaying an ethnic intrigue. The designs of these sarees are enlivened by Hindu folklore. Kalamkari is hand-painted or block-printed technique, produced in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Only natural dyes are used in Kalamkari and it involves twenty-three steps.

13. Patola Saree from Gujarat

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This Double ikat woven saree is a famous saree from Gujarat. The shades used on this saree are very expensive and these sarees were once worn only by the royal. The Lovely Patola sarees are all about grace and elegance.

14. Phulkari Saree from Punjab 

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Phulkari belongs to the state of Punjab and means flower work. The weaving in Phulkari is done in brilliant hues with floss silk string on the saree. The motifs on this saree are usually bright-coloured flowers and geometric patterns. 

15. Pochampally Saree from Telangana

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Pochampally sarees are prepared by skilled weavers of Bhoodan pochampally, Telangana. The uniqueness of this saree is the geometric design and a bright, punchy colour scheme. The material is a combination of cotton and silk. The silk texture gives an unobtrusive brilliance to the saree. It is exquisite and cherished all over India.

16. Chikankari saree from Lucknow 

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Chikankari isn’t only art, it is a culture of Lucknow. Although earlier it was done on a white on white. But with time, it is done in differed tones. This unpredictably handcrafted Chikankari saree imparts elegance and is loved by people from all over the country.

17. Bhagalpuri saree from Bihar 

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Bhagalpuri sarees are woven and made in a small community called Bhagalpur in Bihar. It is otherwise called tussar silk sarees given that Bhagalpur town is famous for its amazing tussar silk. 

18. Kota Doria Saree from Rajasthan

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The Kota saree made of cotton and silk is woven in Rajasthan are known for a square like patterns known as khats. The khats or the square check design on the texture of Kota saree is systematically woven in conventional pit loom so as to process the ideal result. These sensitive khats are the characteristics of a Kota Doria saree.

Hundreds of years have passed yet the appeal of this excellent and remarkable piece of clothing has not blurred. Truth be told, even with the new decade of innovative advancement, it has been all around acknowledged by even the most present-day ladies of the subcontinent. It will always remain a classic.

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Written by Ankita Waykar

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