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Raksha Bandhan

What is Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is commonly celebrated among all the houses in India. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the Shrawan month of Hindu calendar. Although it is originally a Hindu festival, now people from all cultures and ethnicities celebrate it without any cultural barricades.
On this day, the sister ties a sacred band called Rakhi on the brother’s wrist. This Rakhi is seen as a mark of affection, sisterly love, and the brother promises to protect his sister and offer her heaps of gifts.

What does Raksha Bandhan mean?

“Raksha Bandhan” in Sanskrit literally means ‘a tie or knot of protection’, where “Raksha” means protection and “Bandhan” means binding. This also gives meaning to the sacred thread “Rakhi” which is the thread that is used to seal this protection and love among the brother and sister.

What is the Importance of Raksha Bandhan in India?

The significance of this festival is the importance that it holds in the Indian society, which strengthens the relationship between brothers and sisters. This brother-sister bond is considered very important in our society. Many Indian mythological stories depict this bond as not only an important one but also an auspicious one.
In modern days, this importance can be seen through Indian Postal Services; where they sell designed envelopes for this festival at low prices for all those brothers and sisters, destroying all the borders standing between them.

What is the origin of it?

The origin of “Raksha Bandhan” is very hard to detect, as this festival is narrated right from the great epics of Indian Mythology. One such example of an epic would be Mahabharata, where the brother-sister relationship between Draupadi and Lord Krishna is still sung. When Lord Krishna cut his finger and was bleeding copiously, Draupadi ripped a part of her sari and tied it on his finger as a symbol of love and affection towards him. To this Lord Krishna promised Draupadi that he will always protect her. And during the most unceremonious cheerharan (disrobing) of Draupadi, her saree just kept on extending and this showed how Lord Krishna protected Draupadi’s honour.

Drauapdi and Shri Krishna (Raksha Bandhan)
Drauapdi and Shri Krishna

Reason for celebration

Raksha Bandhan stands as a symbol of duty between brothers and sisters. This is a festival about celebrating the relationship between a brother and sister, whether they are biologically related or not.

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Written By: Vaishnavi Nagwekar

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