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Hand Block Printing

What is Hand Block Printing?

Hand block printing, a form of textile designing, that is considered as one of the oldest and simplistic methods of textile designing in India. This form of textile designing has been a part of Indian fashion culture for decades now.

Wood block printing in India has been praised by fashion intellectuals for a long time. However, the origin of this style is China dating back to 220 AD. Although initially these blocks were used to print their designs on clothes in China, later on ‘block-books’ were invented by the European countries where the whole wooden block image or text was printed on the page. Thus, woodblock printing wasn’t ever restricted to textiles, and was explored differently by various countries.


Hand block printing in India first originated in Rajasthan during the medieval period. The tents and the huge curtains with huge and intricate designs were later seen in many royal scenarios. Even though the block printing process was practiced way before this period, it gained its eminence of royalty and creativity during the medieval time.

Carved Wooden Block used for printing

How Hand Block Printing is done?

The procedure of Hand block printing has been the same since the very beginning of this discovery. Even today, only the most experienced artisans can carve those intricate designs on a block of wood. After dipping this wooden block in dye, it is firmly pressed on the fabric; meaning, only the steadiest hands could do this task. The various techniques involved in hand block printing makes it as more unique design. It is said to be time consuming because; if there are two colours in one block print the artist has to wait for the first layer of colour to dry and then only then, they can print the second layer of colour.


Hand Block Printing Process

Nowadays, the increasing global climate change is making people shift their everyday needs to more sustainable resources. And hand block printing is a method of textile designing that uses least chemicals and uses wooden blocks for printing. Sustainable clothing is something that is rising to be a huge trend now, with cult fashion brands have been reported to use 100% sustainable clothing.

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Written by: Vaishnavi Nagwekar

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