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Hand Block Printing

Hand Block Printing – an eco-friendly technique of textile printing. Being a traditional method of textile printing, it is a perfect example of a sustainable practice.

“Hand Block Printing”- as the name suggests, the printing is done on the fabric with a wooden block. The process starts when a wooden block is created by the artisans, the blocks are hand carved by them, it may take hours or even days to make a block depending upon the complexity of the design. ​Once the design is fully carved, the blocks are treated with oil and set aside to soften. This makes it ready to hold color. The design for the block is usually a traditional Indian motif.

After the block is created, the fabric is dyed and dried and then laid on a flat table and is fixed firmly with pins. Natural different colored dyes are created by the artisans in which the block is dipped and stamped firmly by hand onto the fabric. The process is repeated on the complete fabric. After the printing is done, the fabric is dried in the natural sunlight. Finally, the fabric is washed and dried, minimizing energy consumption.

Nowadays, Hand Block Printed Clothing is quite in trend, from saris to dresses, everything is trending. ​That’s Indian (https://www.thatsindian.in), online Clothing and Accessories brand is an e-commerce store which promotes the creativity of the artisans of India by selling all the handmade clothing and accessories which includes Hand Block Printed Saris, Suits, Long skirts. The brand believes in reviving and celebrating the heritage of India.

If you have a look at any authentic hand block printed fabric, you will see how intricate and beautiful the work is. The hand printed fabric is distinct and the little imperfections which make it much more fascinating.

Finally, we all must applaud the meticulous efforts taken by the artisans in every stage of creating the beautiful hand made fabric, The complete fabric is made by using the natural resources, thus, hand block printing is a sustainable technique and celebrates ecological integrity.

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